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GEB consultancy is a pool of consultants, working on a free lance basis for development organisations (mainly within the system of the UN) in lesser developed countries. We have been working since 2006, mainly in Subsahara Africa, on sustainable development, capacity building, adaptation to climate change and environmental management.

GEB consultancy was founded by Peter Paap, an expert in environmental capacity building with an experience of over 20 years in various partsĀ of the world. His ever expanding network of independent consultants can assist developing countries in tackling most challenges that they are facing in the field of environmental protection and adaptation to climate change.

GEB consultancy has the following fields of experience:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change;
  • Capacity Building for conducting Self-Assessments;
  • Policy, Programme and Project development and Evaluation;
  • Institutional Development and Organisational Strengthening.
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Peter’s Reduced Impact (B)Logging

21/1: The need for establishment of Ecological Networks

I’ve been working in the field of global environmental management for over 12 years now and it still stuns me to see that big financing organisations have no overarching view on how Biodiversity loss should be combatted from a more regional perspective. Yes, there are Basin wide initiatives going on, like the Mekong Delta and the Niger Basin initiatives, but very often, they get stuck in political and institutional processes that are conducted under the construct of ‘capacity development’, but basically just mean that money is being usurped by big ”heady” and newly built organisations that organize a lot of meetings but have no impact in the field. That’s a pitty. There are good opportunities in the world to learn from with regards to introducing a regional landscape approach which connects biodiversity hotspots, High Conservation Value Zones, blue and green corridors, such as the Great Green Wall of Africa Initiative and the European Ecological Network approach noted down in Natura2000. Such networks are an absolute must for climate adaptation, will go a long way (and be relatively cheap) to mitigate GHG emissions, but moreover, will provide flora and fauna with refuge and migration routes in an evermore urbanized world.

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Hi all!

This is a first attempt at making a professional blog to spew my ideas and opinions about topics like environmental governance, adaptation to climate change, capacity building, the Rio Conventions, Agripreneurship, etc….

Hope you will like it!